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SAUDIA has launched a new version of Alfursan loyalty program offering multiple advantages and greater miles value for members
The upgrade is part of a complete transformation of the program which aims to increase the competitiveness of SAUDIA as it seeks to deliver world-class levels of guest experience. This reflects the national carrier’s efforts to improve guests’ travel experience and is part of an ambitious, organisation-wide, transformation the group is currently undergoing. 

The new edition of Alfursan includes unprecedented benefits for more than 7.5 million members, in addition to motivating more guests to join and enjoy the benefits and rewards of the program through the marketing campaign launched today. Under the slogan “Enjoy More”, Alfursan now partners with several new parties, most notably credit card providers.

One of the most important new features of the program is that there is no longer a specific period to redeem miles. Members can use their miles as long as their membership remains active by earning or redeeming them at least once in 24 months regardless of the date of earning. Previously, reward miles expired three years after the date of earning.

The new edition also introduces several benefits and policies aimed at increasing the chances of redeeming miles through the introduction of the “Reward” and “Reward Plus” categories. Members can issue reward tickets at a discount of up to 50% of the required miles. For example: the Jeddah-Riyadh-Jeddah flight now requires only 9,000 miles compared to 18,000 miles previously, while the (Riyadh-London-Riyadh) flight now requires 24,000 miles compared to 40,000 miles previously.

The launch of the “Reward Plus” category is aimed at providing more reward seats on multiple flights to more destinations, where members can benefit from their rewards to issue tickets or upgrade the class of travel on more than 90% of SAUDIA flights to include all seasons and destinations. 


In terms of earning miles, the program renewed its partnerships with a number of banks and credit card providers in addition to signing new partnerships to increase the number of miles that members can earn through their daily purchases and payments. More than 10 new partners across various sectors are expected to be announced soon.

SAUDIA confirmed that it plans to continue to develop the Alfursan program to include additional benefits to grant more exclusive rewards than ever before, in addition to increasing the number of program partners and launching other services that contribute to gaining the loyalty and trust of guests. The objective is to make Alfursan program the largest and best loyalty program in the Kingdom, and one of the best in the world. 

This comes as part of the unprecedented movement that SAUDIA is witnessing in improving the travel experience through many initiatives, such as the new-look website as part of a larger plan for digital transformation; the opening of the largest guest lounge in the Sky Team alliance; and the launch of the “Saudi Banquet” dining experience onboard many flights, in addition to an upgraded entertainment system and other initiatives that make traveling with SAUDIA a unique experience and the recipient of international recognition. The most recent recognition was in October when SAUDIA won WORLD CLASS classification within the APEX Official Airline Ratings Awards as the best airline in providing the highest levels of service. In November, it topped the YouGov ranking of the best brands in the Kingdom.