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Ryanair welcomes Hamburg court decision against Travix

Ryanair welcomes Hamburg court decision against Travix

Ryanair has welcomed the regional court of Hamburg’s ruling against Travix, which operates the website.

The court has ordered the cessation of its “unlawful and misleading pricing” of Ryanair checked bags, as it continues to sell Ryanair flights at inflated fees without any commercial agreement with the airline.

Landgericht Hamburg ordered Travix to refrain from displaying pricing for checked baggage which is higher than the actual fee charged by Ryanair.

Furthermore, the court also prohibited Travix from referring to an “airline fee”, which does not in fact exist.

Ryanair has no commercial agreement whatsoever with Travix/, which continues to sell Ryanair’s flights with hidden surcharges, the carrier said in a statement.


Ryanair has no issue with OTAs who display Ryanair’s fares in a transparent manner, and licences several OTAs to display its fares for price comparison purposes only, and again Ryanair urged all customers to book directly on the website for the guaranteed lowest fares, the carrier argued.

Ryanair spokesman Robin Kiely said: “This is an important victory for consumers, particularly those who have been subjected to additional fees from screenscraper websites such as and we will continue to take action to prevent Europe’s consumers from being misled.

“We again urge customers to avoid screenscrapers such as and book directly on the website.”