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Ryanair steps up online security

Ryanair steps up online security

Ryanair hailed the improved internet security provided by a new feature on the website, after it has stopped Spanish screenscraper websites (Edreams and Bravofly) from displaying Ryanair’s prices and seats on their websites. 

Ryanair says Edreams and Bravofly can no long display Ryanair’s unauthorised fares and seats thanks to their new online reCAPTCHA security feature.

Ryanair’s Stephen McNamara said: “Ryanair is delighted that our new reCAPTCHA security feature has finally persuaded Edreams and Bravofly to stop displaying Ryanair’s prices and seats. These websites no longer display the lowest fares in Spain. 

“Ryanair will continue to implement measures to get rid of unauthorised screenscrapers and travel agents from our website, so that we can maximise consumer access and continue to improve the response times for ordinary passengers who want to book Europe’s lowest air fares without doing it through unauthorised screenscrapers or middle men such as Edreams and Bravofly. 

“We hope now that Bravofly and Edreams have finally stopped their unauthorised screenscraping of the website, that passengers in Spain will now realise that the only website where they can be guaranteed the lowest air fares is the website, where they won’t pay any hidden handling fees or be misquoted higher air fares, as has been the case with many unauthorised screenscrapers to date.”