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Running Out of Activities While Staying at Hotel Nikko Bali?

Running Out of Activities While Staying at Hotel Nikko Bali?

Visiting Bali for its beautiful nature, culture, or cuisine? Solo traveling or with family? There’s always a reason to be found to enjoy the Island of Gods. As a one-time visit wouldn’t be enough, so, a revisit is a must!
Choosing accommodation is one of the must things to do before you decided to go, especially when you are with your family. Besides being comfortable, location, and activities will be a consideration.

Set amid expansive tropical greenery in the enclave of Tanjung Benoa, Hotel Nikko Bali Benoa Beach is designed for pleasure & relaxation is a perfect destination for familycation. Selected in-house guest activities, a wide variety of water sports, or excursions that are suitable for guests of all ages. Selected in-house guest activities are available for beach motion; beachcombing, fish feeding, and sand & egg painting. For those who’d like to have the experience of art paper folding associated with Japanese culture, origami is available. For children who’d like to boost self-esteem while relaxing, canvas painting, drawing & coloring are also provided as options. Wondering how to make a homemade pizza? The class is available by 1-day advance reservation.

“Wherever you go on the island, you will see little baskets on the floor with incense sticks and little goodies such as sweets, fruits, and sometimes even some money and a cigarette. It is called Banten or canang, a Balinese offering you cannot miss and you are invited to join the class on how to make it through canang making. For the early bird, a sunrise yoga class is available with a reservation in advance. For those who’d like to experience the Bali marine recreation, like banana boat, donut boat, jet ski, fly fish, snorkeling, fishing, parasailing, and more, our team will be happy to assist as we have the Water Sports Package to complete your holiday.” Said Takashi Hoshino, General Manager at Hotel Nikko Bali Benoa Beach.

He added, “Our beachfront resort is perfect for a family with up to 3 children under 12 years old as we provide Family Suites. The suit is featuring a spacious room with a king bed and two-storey bunk bed with a pull-out bed, it gives you the opportunity to stay together comfortably in the stylish suite while enjoying the mesmerizing view of the Indian Ocean from the balcony or simply draw the bedroom curtain to bask in the view.”