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Royal Wedding could tarnish Britain’s images as outdated island

Professor Alan Fyall, Head of Enterprise at Bournemouth University’s School of Tourism, comments on the upcoming Royal Wedding, specifically looking at UK vs overseas tourism interest.

“A possible negative side effect is that Britain will be viewed internationally as this odd little island stuck in the past at a time when the London 2012 Games is trying to promote a youthful, modern and contemporary Britain.

“In term of domestic interest it is difficult to gauge for a number of reasons. There’s been a lot royal interest caused by the King’s Speech but the poor press of a number of royals (Prince Andrew especially) in recent years has probably diluted interest among many.

“With the 29 April being a Bank Holiday a long weekend will mean increased levels of ‘stay-cation’ rather than everyone watching TV or doing ‘royal’ things. Family visitor attractions are likely to have a very good weekend, especially if the weather is good!

“The current economic difficulties and planned strikes in the Public Sector may reduce the number of those interested in the UK …. Then again, Charles and Diana wedding was in the middle of the riots of 1981 and the event was a massive success globally.


“From overseas, there’s likely to be an increase in visitation to UK built heritage sites with royal connections, such as palaces, castles, historic houses as well as towns/cities with strong royal connections like Windsor, Balmoral and St Andrews. There will be a heightened royal interest in London especially with increased visitation at all core sites – particularly among US, Middle Eastern and Asian markets where Monarchy is of particular interest.”