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Rezidor’s Nominating Committee supplements its proposal

Rezidor’s Nominating Committee supplements its proposal

The Nominating Committee of Rezidor Hotel Group AB (“Rezidor”) consists of William Van Brunt representing the Carlson group as Chairman, Jan Andersson representing Swedbank Robur funds and Peter van Berlekom representing Nordea Investment Funds.

On 27th of March 2012 the Nominating Committee’s proposals for Rezidor’s Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, 25th of April 2012 were published.

Based on subsequent discussions, the Nominating Committee determined that the Board of Rezidor should include a position of Vice Chairman with an increase in remuneration for this added responsibility. As a result, the Nominating Committee supplements and amends its proposal to the Annual General Meeting 2012 under item 12 of the agenda concerning Board remuneration by (i) providing remuneration to the Vice Chairman of € 50,000 and (ii) increasing the total Board remuneration by €14,000 to €381,000, as a consequence.

Mr. Van Brunt, the Chairman of the Nominating Committee, states that in addition to enhancing governance of Rezidor Hotel Group AB, the intent of the Carlson group, as the majority shareholder, is that as long as a Director who is not independent of the Carlson group holds the position of Chairman of the Board, the position of Vice Chairman would be filled by a Director independent of both the Carlson group and Rezidor, to ensure that that there is a clear understanding that the focus of the Board of Directors and Rezidor is on all shareholders.