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RateGain announces opening of new London office

RateGain announces opening of new London office

RateGain, a leading technology company dedicated to providing solutions catering to pricing, brand intelligence,& eDistribution (channel management) for customers in the travel and hospitality industry, today announced the opening of their new office in London to further reinforce their presence in Europe and showcase their growing customer base in the region.

The new office will mark the creation of a hub for RateGain in Europe, featuring sales, marketing, and research personnel, growing to be a full on client service center with account management staff joining the UK team into 2013.

On the opening of the new office, Bhanu Chopra, CEO of RateGain, stated: “Our location in London is of strategic importance. We understand and value the needs of the European market, and by tapping into London’s multi-cultural workforce, we are able to service our customers with native speakers of their languages and be only a short hop away from any of their offices.”

He also added: “We have had tremendous success over the last few years, and we continue to see potential for more growth in Europe. The new office allows us to build the market, promote the RateGain brand, and provide Europe with a new level of support that RateGain is known for in the global market.”