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Rail Planner app is already a huge success

Rail Planner app is already a huge success

Using a smartphone to plan your European trip by train has become easier and cheaper since the launch of the Rail Planner App.

Originally conceived for InterRail and Eurail Pass holders, the Rail Planner App ensures that pass holders and other rail travellers have offline European timetable information at hand whilst avoiding expensive roaming costs. City maps and country facts for all participating countries are included and it’s possible to find your closest railway station with the handy built-in augmented reality feature. Pass holders have also access to a list per country of extra benefits such as free and discounted boat and ferry trips, hotel and museum discounts.

Over 30,000 travellers have benefited from using the Rail Planner App since its official launch in February, which represents almost 25% of all pass holders in the first few months of 2013. InterRail Pass holders from the United Kingdom, Germany and Norway are among the top users of this innovative travel resource. Additionally the Rail Planner App has been selected by as one of the best apps for rail passengers.

Launched by Eurail Group, Rail Planner App is available in the App Store and Google Play and was developed by HaCon, the leading European player in planning, scheduling and information solutions. HaCon have also provided mobile applications to the German Railways (Deutsche Bahn), the Austrian Railways (ÖBB), and the Railteam Alliance, among other major railways and transportation companies.

Eurail Group is the organisation dedicated to the management of Eurail and InterRail Passes on behalf of its members; a large number of participating European railways and shipping lines. InterRail Passes are available for European residents via and the participating railways, and Eurail Passes are available for non-Europeans through a network of authorized sales agents.