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Eurail and Indian trade experts join forces

Eurail and Indian trade experts join forces

Eurail Group G.I.E. will be conducting marketing seminars in New Delhi and Mumbai. This is the first time Eurail Group will organize a marketing campaign in India, which indicates its great enthusiasm and confidence in tapping into this currently unexplored market.

2009 proved a significant milestone year for Eurail Group. Hailed as the “golden ticket” by travelers from around the world, Eurail Pass celebrated its 50th anniversary. For more than half a century, the Eurail Pass has enabled safe and enjoyable train travel through Europe. In the decades since 1959, when only one type of pass was available, Eurail Group has created a broad range of Eurail products to suit most travel itineraries in Europe and for most budgets. Eurail has extended their availability across the globe, earning its place as the market leader in European rail passes. From a little more than 5,000 passes sold in 1959 to overseas travelers, more than 382,000 passengers took to the rails in 2009. In addition, the number of students and families exploring Europe by rail increases each year.

With 160,000 miles of track in today’s European railway system covered by Eurail many towns and villages are connected, providing excellent domestic and international connections. With the use of high-speed trains, rail travel offers a safe, convenient, efficient and reliable alternative to cars and airplanes. Furthermore, Eurail Group and their Benefit Partners endeavour to increase special offers to pass holders. The Eurail Pass includes: free or reduced transportation on private railroad companies, ferry crossings and select bus routes, as well as reductions on hotels, museums and bicycles rentals.

Eurail Group intends to pay more attention to the development and expansion of the business in India. They also wish to continue raising awareness in China, South Korea and Japan. Ana Dias e Seixas, Eurail Group’s Marketing Director who is hosting the seminars, said “we are thrilled to have the opportunity to highlight and introduce the extraordinary advantages of the Eurail products within the Asian market. We are expecting extensive and in-depth communication with the Indian Trade Experts during our time in India. With their cooperation, our objective is to continue improving the Eurail Pass offer for future generations to come”.