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Eurail celebrating 40 Years of InterRail Pass Travel

Eurail celebrating 40 Years of InterRail Pass Travel

“InterRail is the freedom to decide when to leave, to pack light and to be standing in front of friends just twenty-four hours later. It’s about having the freedom to find a beautiful place to stop for a while, and to walk around without guides or a defined programme.  It’s the freedom to decide where you want to go, change your mind – and then change it back again. It’s about having the chance to observe an amazing, colourful world and being happy in the present moment” says David from Spain, in Europe by InterRail.

The concept of “InterRailing” was first introduced on the 1st March, 1972, and quickly became associated with ‘fun, freedom and adventure”. It’s not surprising that the simplicity of being able to cross multiple borders with one single pass has remained popular for forty years. Sales continue to rise and the Eurail Group reported an annual passenger increase of 2% in the completed 2011 InterRail report.

To mark this milestone, both the Eurail Group and its member railways are focused on promoting and celebrating InterRail’s 40th birthday. The common objective is to raise awareness and to enhance the message that InterRail Pass travel continues to offer a unique and relaxing way to discover Europe by train.

Activities organised by the Eurail Group and its member railways range from media events like the one to be hosted in Leipzig on the 4th June to trade shows, the release of a documentary film, jubilee parties and Blog Races. The Blog Race Contest began in April with two teams; their objective is to reach all of the assigned checkpoints to receive special tasks, such as finding a local folk group to interview, film and write about. Both teams must share their stories on their blog, complete a round trip and return to their starting point before the 30 day validity of their pass expires. ÖBB, the Austrian railway believes this will be an exceptional “rally of the rails in the most fascinating corners of Europe”. May the best team win!

The current InterRail Global Pass is valid in 30 European countries, offering more freedom then ever before. Over the years, the InterRail Pass has evolved into a product available for all ages because the notion of travelling with a single pass continues to offer a certain charm and fascination to all age groups and demographics.