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QNCC announces international intentions with advertising push

QNCC announces international intentions with advertising push

With a host of high profile events under its belt, the Qatar National Convention Centre (QNCC) has launched its new advertising campaign that captures the aspiration of the centre in becoming an epicentre for prestigious regional and international conferences, exhibitions and events.

It aims to be the platform for industry leaders, experts, scholars and the greatest minds of the century to congregate and implement decisions affecting the world.

The 8th World Chambers Congress scheduled for later this month is testament to this aspiration as QNCC prepares to set the stage for international chamber leaders to come together to share best-practices and exchange insights.

The bi-annual ICC WCF World Chambers Congress is organised by the World Chambers Federation (WCF), established by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

This event will bring together a global community from more than 100 countries to address issues affecting the world today.

The new advertising campaign accentuates the strength of the Centre and Qatar as the venue of choice for all types of events.

This covers not only regional and international conferences and exhibitions, but also meetings, banquets plus theatre and stage performances.

The success of the United Nations Climate Change Conference 2012 (COP18/CMP8) which took place the end of last year propelled QNCC’s reputation as a global centre and set a new benchmark for the seamless delivery of a technically complex and logistically challenging conference.

The commitment and performance from the QNCC team proved invaluable resulting in an official invitation from the United Nations to participate in a knowledge exchange session in Vienna and to share the team’s experience and expertise that brought the conference to life.

In addition to the advertising campaign, the active participation in regional and international trade shows also complements the Centre’s efforts to secure bids for the upcoming few years.

Adam Mather-Brown, general manager of QNCC said: “Qatar has much to offer and, as we can see, it has already delivered significant events to date and is therefore ready to host a variety of the world’s largest conferences to assist the Qatar 2030 vision. 

“In a country experiencing tremendous economic growth, QNCC is well positioned to take advantage of this position to attract the world’s greatest minds to come to Qatar.”

In the coming months, under the iconic Sidra Tree, QNCC will host a number of prestigious events including the Middle East Forum on Quality Improvement in Healthcare in May 2013.

QNCC will also play host to the International Education & Resource Network Conference (iEARN) in July and the Centre will welcome back for the third time the World Innovation Summit for Educaion (WISE) who will stage their fifth summit in October.