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Qin Spa presents yoga classes at Four Seasons Hotel Shanghai

Qin Spa presents yoga classes at Four Seasons Hotel Shanghai

Shanghai, a city that never sleeps - where one can find everything and anything, and the people move in throngs among the skyscrapers. In the midst of all the chaos, sometimes one needs to escape from the bustling city and retreat to a quiet oasis, such as the award winning Qin The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Shanghai. Guests will feel the clock has turned back and they have landed in a majestic palace of an early Chinese dynasty.

Within this small haven, guests are given the chance to reduce stress levels and improve strength, endurance, flexibility and balance by attending Qin The Spa yoga classes. Qin The Spa offers:

Flow yoga: This is also known as Vinyasa yoga, which means “breath-synchronized movement” and is one of the most popular forms of yoga as it incorporates different types of yoga and is suitable for everyone from beginners to seasoned professionals. It is perfect for those leading sedentary lifestyles and experiencing neck or back pains.

Pre-natal yoga: This is the perfect choice for expecting mothers who would like to experience some gentle exercise during pregnancy. These classes focus on helping expecting mothers improve the quality of sleep and reduce anxiety through relaxation, as well as prepare the muscles used for childbirth through gentle stretching.

Post-natal yoga: Ideal for those who are keen to bounce back to a pre-baby body and rebuild strength. These classes are more vigorous and focus on building lean muscle and reducing body fat through the appropriate poses, but also include an element of relaxation.


Yin yoga: This type of yoga has a more spiritual side, offering a mixture of traditional Indian yoga combined with elements from Chinese Taoism, such as Kung Fu.

Tai Chi: For those desiring an alternative to yoga classes, Qin The Spa also offer Tai Chi, which can be described as “meditation in motion” and is a great way to reduce stress and connect mind and body through gentle movements.

Qin The Spa yoga classes are instructed by certified yoga instructor Caitlin Reilley, who has been practicing yoga for the last 15 years and primarily teaches flow yoga, but also specializes in pre- and post-natal yoga. She also freely shares her knowledge with her pupils on diet, nutrition and meditation, as well as serving others through the practice of yoga. No matter what one is trying to achieve through yoga or tai chi, Four Seasons yoga classes offer the ideal solution catering to individual needs.