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Private Residences by SLH puts premium on privacy

Private Residences by SLH puts premium on privacy

Small Luxury Hotels of the World is seeking to make a new contribution to the luxury hotel sector with the launch of Private Residences by SLH.

The hotel marketing organisation hopes the collection will give guests the ‘best of both worlds’ – the personal service of a small luxury hotel with the private space of an exclusive-use villa, ski chalets, estates and yachts, all handpicked with ten rooms or less and offering five star services and facilities.

In an annual SLH survey completed by over 13,000 SLH Club members worldwide, privacy and intimacy was identified by over a quarter of respondents as the most important factor when booking a luxury holiday.

Over the past few years, SLH has seen clear indication that luxury is trending towards exclusivity and privacy.

Time has become one of the most valued commodities as identified by SLH customers and so in order to take full advantage, customers are increasingly looking for accommodation that offers full luxury hotel services but with added privacy; giving guests the opportunity to enjoy time with their family and friends in their own exclusive residences.


According to Paul Kerr, chief executive for SLH: “In 2013 we saw a significant increase in the number of small hotels applying to join the brand – this was another indicator of a growing trend.

In 2014, we have already seen a 27 per cent increase year on year in the number of exclusive-use hotels (under ten rooms) wanting to join SLH.

“There is clearly a demand for this type of property which has led the way for the launch of Private Residences by SLH.

“We also saw a similar trend in the SLH Club statistics; in 2013 we saw a 43 per cent increase in the number of club members spending over $750 per night when compared to 2012.

“The rise in cost per night is in effect Club members booking multiple rooms for their families.

“When I spoke with the other departments about this growth, it was clear that there was a niche in the hotel market, with a rising customer demand.”