Breaking Travel News Launches iPhone App For Last-Minute Negotiating On Name-Your-Own-Price(R) Hotel Rooms Launches iPhone App For Last-Minute Negotiating On Name-Your-Own-Price(R) Hotel Rooms (Nasdaq: PCLN) today announced the availability of the Hotel Negotiator App on the App Store. The app, which features The Priceline Negotiator (William Shatner), lets travelers use iPhone or iPod touch to quickly find and book last-minute hotel rooms using’s Name Your Own Price® hotel service and save up to 50% over published hotel rates.

The Hotel Negotiator App is available for free from the App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or at For more information and high-resolution images of the Hotel Negotiator App, visit

“Our Hotel Negotiator App is designed for travelers who are on the road or at an airport and decide at the last minute that they need a room for the night,” said Chief Marketing Officer Brett Keller. “The app also works for travelers who prefer to make their hotel arrangements after they’ve arrived in a city and have become familiar with the geography. Hotel Negotiator lets them use their iPhone or iPod touch to quickly negotiate the price and book a room from’s comprehensive assortment of quality hotel rooms up until 11:00 p.m. ET on the night they need the room.”’s Hotel Negotiator App includes the following unique features:

      The Priceline Negotiator.
      Activate the Hotel Negotiator App and The Priceline Negotiator
      (William Shatner) gets the whole phone vibrating as he punches his way
      through the screen.
      Winning Bids recommendations.
      Choose a city and the Hotel Negotiator App displays multiple
      recent winning bids made by other customers for hotels
      in different parts of the city at different star levels.
      Shake-Down geo-locator-triggered hotel
      search. Shaking the device establishes the traveler’s location
      using location-based features and then performs a Winning Bids search
      for hotels in the surrounding areas.
      One-Page checkout. A specially
      designed one-page checkout screen speeds users through the bidding
      Instant Bid Results. Users will
      know instantly whether their bid is accepted. If it is, they’ll
      receive all the details on their hotel and its location.
      Native iPhone navigation. Users
      will instantly recognize the slides and wheels that help them navigate
      through the Hotel Negotiator shopping and booking experience.
      Not in the mood to negotiate?
      The Hotel Negotiator App also contains an option for browsing’s broad assortment of published-price hotels for a
      particular city or town. Browsing can be initiated by choosing a city
      or by shaking the device which will bring up a selection of hotels
      within that specific area.


Hotel listings can be sorted by star level, price, proximity and popularity. Hotel listings include address, star level, customer reviews and satisfaction scores, zoomable maps, pictures and descriptions. All of the hotels on the list can be booked either online or by automatically calling’s hotel booking specialists.

Travelers who need help with other trip arrangements can select another option on the Hotel Negotiator app that takes them to a website configured for iPhone and iPod touch. There, they can check flight status and browse and book airline tickets and rental cars on a published-price or Name Your Own Price® basis.