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Pera Palace, Istanbul re-opens 1st September 2010

Pera Palace, Istanbul re-opens 1st September 2010

The Pera Palace Hotel will once again be restored to its former glory as it reopens its doors on 1st September, following a two year, 23 million Euro restoration project.

Restoration of the hotel has been in-keeping with the original design by Istanbul resident Alexander Vallaury. Neo-classical, art nouveau and oriental styles, give Pera Palace its timeless, refined look, retaining the original grandeur of the property whilst state-of-the-art amenities provide a 21st Century hotel experience.

Situated in the Tepeba?i district of Pera and overlooking the Golden Horn, the hotel features 115 rooms, including 17 suites named after the hotel’s most illustrious guests.

Originally opened in 1892, the hotel is seeped in history, achieving iconic status as the first building in Istanbul (not including the Ottoman Palaces) and providing the last stop in the East for passengers onboard the Orient Express.

The hotel has borne witness to many historical events, including both World Wars, the Occupation of Istanbul, Turkish War of Independence and the founding of the Turkish Republic.


It has also played host to a wide range of luminaries, celebrities, politicians and Heads of State. The signature rooms have been named after the illustrious guests who walked through the doors. These include the leader and founder of modern Turkey, Atatak; crime writer Agatha Christie, who allegedly found her inspiration for Murder on the Orient Express; the Emperor of Austria-Hungary, Franz Joseph
and King Edward V111.