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Sandals reveal 50% Of People Plan To Marry Abroad To Avoid Unwanted Guests

Sandals reveal 50% Of People Plan To Marry Abroad To Avoid Unwanted Guests

Some people really will go the extra mile to avoid inviting unwanted friends and relatives to their big day, and according to Sandals Resorts, almost half of the population will go as far as leaving the country. The Caribbean hotel company have recently found that 47 per cent of the 2000 surveyed said they would like to or are planning to marry abroad to avoid inviting distant relations and acquaintances that they really don’t want to be there.

Weddings abroad are becoming increasingly popular, with an equal number of people saying they would like to get married overseas (40 per cent) as at home in the UK (also 40 per cent).

Each year is seeing an increasing number of weddings abroad, with reasons such as better weather still playing a big role in this decision. “However, alleviating stress and avoiding family issues seem to be a common reason for our guests marrying abroad”, says Amanda Lucas, weddings supervisor, Sandals UK.

It seems that marrying abroad is gradually becoming the more cost effective option as research shows that 28 per cent of those marrying in the UK were planning to spend over £10,000 on their wedding and honeymoon compared with 23 per cent of those marrying abroad. 

Still, better weather is the primary driver in people’s decision to get married abroad, with 69 per cent citing this as their reason, followed closely by the 47 per cent who believe in the romance of tying the knot in an exotic location. Cost and the option to combine their wedding and honeymoon are also factors, with the Caribbean, Italy and The Maldives proven to be the destinations of choice.