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Passengers mutiny on delayed plane

A passenger mutiny broke out on an Airbus A380 plane that had been delayed for eight hours at Heathrow Airport due to poor weather conditions.

The Middle East Airlines Beirut-bound flight that was carrying 230 passengers had been held on the runway for nearly eight hours due to high winds and thunderstorms. Passengers became increasingly agitated and began confronting cabin crew, according to reports.

Up to eight police officers boarded the plane to break up the fighting, with some of the passengers pushing, shoving and starting fistfights.

Naima Kassir, the Middle East Airlines’ UK and Ireland Manager claimed the flight captain made the decision not disembark passengers as he was hopeful of getting a take-off slot and did not want to miss it.

By 5pm, passengers had begun to verbally abuse the cabin crew. Police restored order by 6pm. The flight took off at 8pm and landed in Lebanon without further incident.


According to Heathrow airport operator BAA, altogether about 50 departures and 29 arrivals were called off due to high winds and thunderstorms.