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OurAfrica.Travel embraces virtual, creates thousands of connections

OurAfrica.Travel embraces virtual, creates thousands of connections

OurAfrica.Travel is a global virtual travel trade show, originally launched in 2020 to fill the void left by the cancellation of all African trade events during the pandemic.

Overwhelmed by the success of the previous year and requests for its second edition, the 2021 show once again went ahead online and connected travel specialists and buyers from around the world.

To not only make these connections possible but also, facilitate deep engagements between the attendees, OurAfrica.Travel decided to lean on the expertise of the leading virtual and hybrid events platform, Hubilo.

The all-in-one platform was born during the pandemic – just like the travel trade show, to create a new way for global buyers and African exhibitors to connect.

OurAfrica.Travel 2021 offered its buyers and exhibitors the opportunity to pre-schedule one-to-one meetings and take control of their own calendar through the platform.

With the power of matchmaking, buyers could entrust Hubilo’s built-in algorithm to suggest which stands to visit and which suppliers to meet based on their interests and event goals.

This proved a popular feature amongst all participating exhibitors and local and international buyer partners who facilitated over 239,643 networking interactions throughout the event.


Hubilo’s platform made it easy for 340 exhibitors and 1,177 global buyers creating business-critical partnerships for the year ahead and supporting important causes.

Event attendees, who included global tour operators, travel agencies, and MICE organisers who sell Africa, could also take advantage of an intuitive user interface, and clearly displayed relevant information in the ‘what’s happening’ section, navigating seamlessly through the event.

“OurAfrica.Travel captured their audiences over 10 days to connect, buy and support investment in African businesses.

“Hubilo worked with their team to create an engaging and immersive virtual event that resulted in nearly a quarter-million networking interactions and almost 24,000 meetings held - with the support of the Hubilo customer success team to keep it all running smoothly, and ensure the required results,” said Greg Volm, Hubilo senior vice president, sales and success.

The virtual event platform made lead generation possible for all buyers with its enhanced networking capabilities.

Exhibitors could engage with prospects at their branded booths with immersive video conferencing.

Hubilo also shone the spotlight on top-tier sponsors with attention-grabbing adverts and banners alongside live-sessions for top-billing sponsorship experiences.

OurAfrica.Travel 2021 show span across ten days.

Through Hubilo’s platform, attendees pre-booked and conducted 23,857 meetings over a four-week period and exchanged 93,970 messages.