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Orient-Express Hotels signs with Pegasus Solutions

Orient-Express Hotels has signed a multi-year deal with Pegasus Solutions to utilize its award-winning central reservation system (CRS), RezView NG; powerful Internet booking engine, NetBooker NG; and private label voice services. The strategic move to Pegasus will allow Orient-Express to leverage Pegasus’ next generation technology to manage inventory and sell hotel rooms, trains and cruises through one booking itinerary, which has been a critical objective for Orient-Express.

Engaging in the hotel, tourist, train, restaurant and cruise ship business, Orient-Express owns and manages 41 famous hotel properties in 24 countries, including the Hotel Cipriani in Venice, the Copacabana Palace in Rio de Janeiro, and the Mount Nelson in Cape Town. Orient-Express also owns the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express and Eastern & Oriental Express tourist trains, ‘21’ Club in New York City and the “Road to Mandalay” cruise ship in Burma. According to Shawn K. Jereb, corporate director of revenue management for Orient-Express Hotels, the ability Pegasus has to facilitate merchandising the full suite of Orient-Express travel products is what makes Pegasus’ next generation solutions ideal for the company.

“Orient-Express recognizes the opportunity to maximize revenue at the time of booking, which Shawn and his team can do with Pegasus across all three of their distinct business lines: hotel, cruise and rail,” said Connie Rheams, senior vice president, strategic sales for Pegasus Solutions. “This has long been a goal for Orient-Express, which we can make a reality. Pegasus is the only hospitality technology provider with next generation booking solutions flexible enough to package and sell all of these products at once while applying revenue management rules to every component of the transaction.”

Originally developed as a next generation CRS to replace aging hotel legacy systems, RezView NG has the unrivaled ability to manage the technology and business of reservations for any travel business. It was licensed by HP Enterprise Services in 2010 to accelerate development of its next-generation consumer travel solutions for hospitality and airline clients, and will now be used by Orient-Express for cruise and rail bookings, in addition to hotel reservations.

RezView NG offers highly reliable interfaces with a wide variety of property systems, and allows hotels to manage room and non-room inventory, availability status, restrictions, pricing and policies per property preference. It was built on the tradition of Pegasus’ RezView CRS, which for years has maintained industry-leading uptime and sub-second response times.


Orient-Express will also use Pegasus’ next generation booking engine, NetBooker NG, which integrates seamlessly with RezView NG and any other third-party systems to sell any products online, from hotel rooms and logo items to theatre tickets and flight reservations.

Pegasus private label voice services will offer Orient-Express professionally trained and sales-focused support in 11 languages for 40 countries. With hub reservations centers in South America, Europe and Asia-Pacific, Pegasus voice services allow hotels to capture valuable international bookings.