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Orders adding up at Bombardier

Orders adding up at Bombardier

Ilyushin Finance Corporation has confirmed it has reached a tentative agreement to buy ten C-Series aircraft from Bombardier.

If completed, it would be the first order from Russian for the Canadian aircraft manufacturer.

IFC, an aviation leasing company, said it has signed a letter of intent to buy seven C-Series 300 planes and three smaller C-Series 100 aircraft.

The agreement includes an option to buy ten further C-Series planes and purchase rights on a further ten.

The deal is valued at approximately USD$660 million.

“This letter of intent represents a significant breakthrough for Bombardier in a market with huge potential,” said Bombardier spokesman John Arnone at the MAKS air-show outside Moscow.

The Montreal-based plane maker forecasts that over the next 20 years Russia will require about 430 new aircraft seating between 60 and 149 passengers, Arnone added.

European Orders

Bombardier also announced today a European airline, which has requested to remain unidentified, has signed a firm order for four Q400 NextGen high-speed turboprop airliners.

The transaction includes options on an additional four Q400 NextGen aircraft.

Based on the Q400 NextGen aircraft list price, the firm order is valued at approximately US$126 million.

“The technologically advanced Q400 NextGen aircraft is a large, fast, quiet and fuel-efficient regional turboprop,” said Gary Scott, president, Bombardier Commercial Aircraft.

“Airlines everywhere are today enjoying the full profit potential of the advanced capabilities of this high-performance, high-profit alternative to a jet, and benefit from the optimized aircraft for short-haul operations in the 70- to 80-seat segment.”