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Olympic Village handed over as London begins six month countdown

Olympic Village handed over as London begins six month countdown

With exactly six months to go until the London 2012 Games, the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) has handed over the Olympic and Paralympic Village site to the London 2012 Organising Committee (LOCOG).

Work will now begin on the huge process to fit out the new apartments and Village site ready to welcome athletes and officials from around the world in six months’ time.

The ODA started work on the Village in June 2008 and has now completed the construction of 2,818 new apartments on time.

These apartments have been built in 11 residential plots, complete with spacious courtyards, gardens and balconies, in a project that has provided work for more than 16,500 people.

ODA chairman John Armitt said: “The Olympic and Paralympic Village has been built by companies from every part of the UK, working together to ensure it was completed on time and overcoming the challenges posed by the credit crunch and economic downturn.

“We will be finishing the landscaping as winter turns into spring, and then returning after the Games to complete the transformation to create new homes for Londoners.”

Scale of the project

The Olympic and Paralympic Village will be able to house up to 16,000 athletes and team officials during the Olympic Games, and 6,200 athletes and team officials plus 1,000 referees and umpires during the Paralympic Games.

The overlay work to get the Village ready includes installing 64,000 bed sheets and 11,000 sofas, constructing the 24-hour main dining facility with 5,000 seats, and building the Olympic Village Plaza, the main social hub featuring essential shops and services.

LOCOG chair Seb Coe added: “With the Village now handed over we are starting the huge process to install essential facilities and services ready to welcome competitors from around the world in six months’ time.”

Legacy of homes

After the Games, the Village will create a legacy of new homes across 11 individually-designed plots in a new community to be known as East Village in London.

Of these homes, 1,379 have been purchased by joint venture Triathlon Homes to provide high-quality affordable housing.

The remaining 1,439 properties will become private housing after being acquired by a consortium of UK developer Delancey and the Qatari Diar real estate investment company.