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Oceania Cruises Marks 20th Anniversary and the Launch of New Ship, Vista

Oceania Cruises Marks 20th Anniversary and the Launch of New Ship, Vista

Oceania Cruises, the world’s leading culinary- and destination-focused cruise line, is delighted to partner with multi-award-winning whisky brand Chapter 7 on the creation of an exclusive 20-year-old small-batch cask of whisky to celebrate the launch of its stunning new ship, Vista, and the brand’s 20th anniversary.

Just 304 bottles of the whisky will be drawn and will be available for purchase by guests sailing on board Vista during her inaugural season this summer
This exciting partnership comes as part of a long-term collaboration with Oceania Cruises and cruise retail market leader Harding+.

“We are excited about the immersive approach that Harding+ and Chapter 7 are bringing to the launch of Vista and the continuing celebrations of our 20th anniversary,” said Frank A. Del Rio, President of Oceania Cruises. “The importance of guest understanding is at the heart of this partnership, and innovative, emotional approaches in telling our brand stories, which engage all the senses, are at the heart of Oceania Cruises.”

Sebastian Harding, Director of Operations at Chapter 7 Whisky, added, “We are honored to bring our 20-year aged special cask to such a special occasion for Oceania Cruises. We believe a cask is like a character in a novel, where the best ones tug at the heartstrings and don’t let go. We believe our 304 specially curated bottles can play just that role of character for Vista’s guests, as they discover something special that perfectly complements their cruise experience.”

The 1,200-guest ship caters to inquisitive travelers, food and wine connoisseurs and affluent individuals, and Harding+‘s quaternity model of working balances the cruise ship profile with guest needs, brand fit and insights, as well as Harding+ retail knowledge.


Paul Cunningham, Director of Buying from Harding+, explained: “We always strive to make every cruise better and the storytelling behind the uniqueness of this one-off approach is sure to grab the attention of discerning guests in both the content and the channels we are using to bring things to life. We know Oceania Cruises guests are curious travelers and this premium approach fits the Vista story and style.”

To celebrate the production of this one-off cask, Harding+ has produced a special film that tells the story of luxury, rarity and the creative passion behind the whisky-making process. The film brings to life the cask selection process and the journey that flows from that through to the bottling, the nosing and the palate test.