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New travel company, Pepper, launches in Sri Lanka

New travel company, Pepper, launches in Sri Lanka

The latest addition to Sri Lanka’s booming tourism industry, Pepper, is an online travel company based in Colombo that enables travellers to add a little spice to their trip, in the form of truly authentic Sri Lanka experiences.

Book at the click of a button and without the fear of falling into a tourist trap.

Pepper’s highly-experienced team, all of whom live and work on the island, are constantly hunting down the most genuine activities, the most heart-stopping adventures, and the most compelling local hosts and guides, allowing travellers an unprecedented opportunity to connect with the ‘real’ Sri Lanka.

Guests can delve under the surface, jump off the beaten track and get under the skin of what the island is about.

Their intentions are simple: to showcase Sri Lankan diversity and provide travellers with the opportunity to engage in meaningful encounters with local people, while creating life-long memories and promoting the conservation of the island.


Pepper is committed to sustainable tourism practices, to help preserve the country’s incredible historical sites, empower local communities, and conserve the island’s astonishingly biodiverse environments.

Their experiences are all curated with Sri Lanka’s sustainability in mind.

Pepper’s intrepid team understands that travel is all about really gaining perspective on a destination through captivating and life-enriching experiences.

Discover the country’s many hidden corners through the Pepper hosts - a combination of local experts, authors, artists and historians who will draw guests into a world of creativity and storytelling.

So add a little spice to the trip, sprinkle some extra activities on to the itinerary and pepper a holiday with meaningful experiences that will give travellers a deep connection with the gem island of Sri Lanka.