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New Allergy Relief treatments are all the buzz at Alvadora Spa

New Allergy Relief treatments are all the buzz at Alvadora Spa

Recently introduced as part of its overall spa treatment packages, the allergy relief treatments utilize a key component from the common bee hive: propolis. Considered one of the most sterile environments in all of nature, the typical hive produces the resinous material, coating the worker bee which ultimately protects it from infections and keeps the bee sterile.

When applied to the human body, propolis has been known to promote heart health, fight infections and keep diseases at bay.

Taking a page from one of nature’s most ingenious creatures, Alvadora Spa has integrated propolis into its line of products and has developed and introduced an exciting array of treatment packages that are now available at the charming and intimate spa at iconic Royal Palms Resort in Phoenix. “We have created soothing, revitalizing and extremely effective treatments that provide muchneeded relief to those suffering from allergies,” said Katie Pederson, Spa Director at Alvadora.

“Much has been written about the incredible restorative properties of propolis and to be able to assimilate this product into our line of services has been a welcome addition to our Sweet Relief menu.”

The Mediterranean-style ambience of Alvadora Spa offers these rejuvenating and enriching allergy treatments:


Allergy & Sinus Massage – Using sustainable organic and natural products, this 60 or 90 minute massage is designed to open up your sinuses, boost the immune system and relieve congestion.

Allergy & Sinus Relief Bath – A luxurious 30-minute soak will increase circulation, relieve congestion and increase the rate of detoxification with mood-lifting scents.

“All of our new allergy treatments are focused on improving one’s sinuses and to alleviate any allergy-associated problems,” added Pederson.

Bee Smooth Scrub – Using a Neroli-scented scrub to exfoliate and smooth the skin, the 60-minute full body treatment will be capped off with a propolis moisturizer, leaving you feeling silky smooth.

Bee Hydrated Wrap – Coated in moisturizing propolis, coconut milk and Noni gel, enjoy a cool wrap for 60 minutes.

Immune Boost Facial – The nurturing 60-minute facial combines olive oil, Noni gel and omega-3 fatty acids which deeply hydrates, restores and nourishes the skin.

Bee Wraptured – An extensive 90-minute treatment utilizes a variety of propolis products and includes a full body scrub, moisturizing wrap and soothing massage.

The ultimate new allergy treatment at Alvadora Spa at Royal Palms Resort may be the Queen Bee. This 90-minute facial begins with a soothing footbath and cleansing scrub using an herbal tonic elixir antioxidant blend designed to boost your immune system. Then, on to the captivating facial which
combines the cleansing properties of olive oil, Noni gel and omega-3 fatty acids.

Relaxing in one of Alvadora’s meditative treatment rooms, the Queen Bee embraces all of your senses and provides soothing and rejuvenating qualities to your skin and beyond. “Our Queen Bee treatment offers an unparalleled experience for allergy sufferers” said Pederson. “The ambience alone sets the mood in the perfect direction, leading to an inspirational journey of total relaxation and self-discovery.”