Breaking Travel News announces upcoming discounts for holiday car hire in Malaga announces upcoming discounts for holiday car hire in Malaga

The summer season is approaching and the tourists that are planning a visit to Malaga, should start thinking of booking ahead. It’s quite normal to get lost amongst so many offers, specially if we have never visited the province or we are rookies using the internet and let ourselves get lured by aggressive advertising. has always been known for its low prices and high quality. You know who you are renting with and at what prices, and if you also follow on Facebook , Google +, Twitter or via the regular newsletters, you’ll discover that every so often they offer important discounts so that you get your car hire in Malaga as cheap as possible.

“Advertising or achieving good positions on any of the search engines is not enough. Mouth to mouth is the best publicity, and we work hard every single day so that the clients obtain the biggest satisfaction possible”, assures Raul G.T, PR Manager of .

When a tourist visits any destination, the last thing they want is any hassle so they can fully enjoy their deserved vacations…after all, it’s all about resting, relaxing and living an experience to remember positively…so, taking risks should not be an option, and even less when there are great online discounts for our car hire at Malaga airport., as a leading car hire company in Malaga, receive special visits from worldwide famous actors who choose Malaga as their holiday destination, as well as several recognised football clubs. “So, when you hire a car with us, have your camera ready until you actually leave our offices…who knows who you’ll end up seeing!”