Breaking Travel News empowers rural tourism in India empowers rural tourism in India, one stop for all travel related information for India, has partnered with Rural Tourism Network Enterprise (RTNE) for hotel bookings. The deal makes provisions for customers to book hotel rooms directly on

RTNE is known to empower hotels in rural areas. It works with locals in the Bharat part of India and imparts entrepreneurial skills to them. This is a significant contribution, considering that it helps in fuelling the rural tourism industry.

Vikas Rana, CEO, revealed, “The key consequence of this pact is that we have offered hotels to our customers at the far-off locations at the most affordable prices. Most importantly, all this happens at the click of a button, literally!”

This new option allows clients to scan through information of various hotels in India and see the photos to get a slice of reality and book directly. This saves the clients from the trouble of having to spend hours finding out viable accommodation options and zeroing in on one of them. There are very few sites that can book in remote areas.

Saurabh Jha from RTNE shared that, “I think and we at RTNE have struck the right chord by customizing the accommodation options and bringing them to the doorstep, or rather, the desktop of our clients. They can choose from a wide array of options that are meant to suit every pocket and taste.” Very true, as rooms are available starting at Rs 300.