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Muscat prepares to welcome World Travel Awards Grand Final

Muscat prepares to welcome World Travel Awards Grand Final

Authorities in Muscat are making final preparations as the Middle Eastern destination steps up to host the World Travel Awards Grand Final Gala Ceremony on November 28th.

Leading travel industry figureheads and decisionmakers will attend what will mark World Travel Awards’ inaugural ceremony in the beautiful sultanate of Oman.

Oman Airports, a government entity established as a key pillars of the location tourism sector, will host the prestigious ceremony at the Royal Opera House Muscat.

As an important arm of the Oman Aviation Group of Companies, hosting the anticipated World Travel Awards Grand Final will further strengthen the tourism and transport sectors in the country.

Situated between soaring mountains and the Arabian Sea, the ancient city of Muscat is home to old forts, flower-filled parks and rich traditions.


Graham Cooke, founder, World Travel Awards, said: “It is an honour to host World Travel Awards in the sultanate of Oman for the first time in our 26-year history.

“From magnificent mountains and paradise beaches to beautiful deserts, Oman offers a wealth of incredible landscapes and travel experiences.

“I relish welcoming the senior decision-makers of the global travel industry to this incredible country for our Grand Final Gala Ceremony 2019.”

He added: “World Travel Awards has maintained its position as the industry leader for the past 26-years, consistently proving its value as the global benchmark for recognising excellence in travel and tourism.

“I greatly look forward to welcoming the world’s most senior travel industry figures to this incredible country for the culmination of our year-long search to find the world’s finest travel brands.”

Joining forces with renowned international bodies such as the World Travel Awards will further enhance the sultanate’s position as a key regional player in the travel and tourism industry for both the business and leisure segments.

Sheikh Aimen bin Ahmed Al Hosni, chief executive, Oman Airports, said: “Hosting the World Travel Awards Grand Final Gala Ceremony also enables us to bolster our support for the Oman Aviation Group to strengthen the tourism and transport sectors and achieve the strategic goals of Oman 2040.

“Having approached international markets and strengthened our relationships with key players in the travel and tourism sectors over the years, we felt it our responsibility to support and host international events of such magnitude here in Muscat.

“Our sponsorship of this grand event will further enable us to attract global travel and tourism brands to visit Oman and see first-hand its true beauty and potential.”

Over the past year since the opening of its new terminal, Muscat International Airport, the Jewel of Oman, has witnessed considerable shifts in its prevailing approach to high-level service and travel experiences, which have enhanced the its reputation at international levels.

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World Travel Awards was established in 1993 to acknowledge, reward and celebrate excellence across all sectors of the tourism industry.

Today, the World Travel Awards brand is recognised globally as the ultimate hallmark of quality, with winners setting the benchmark to which all others aspire.

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