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More sex please, we’re on holiday

More sex please, we’re on holiday

New research by the UK’s fastest growing online independent travel agent has revealed that the majority of couples, 51%, have sex more times in a one week holiday abroad than they do over a period of two months at home.

A new poll by one of the UK’s leading online independent travel agents has found that couples are intimate on holiday around eight times as much as they are at home, with 51% of people asked claiming to have sex ‘10 times’ during a 7-day holiday.

The poll by was of 1,927 people aged 21 and above, all of whom were in a relationship and had holidayed for a week with their partner in the past 2 years. The study aimed to find out what effect holidays had on people’s bedroom antics.

When asked, ‘How often did you and your partner make love whilst on holiday for one week?’ 51% of the respondents said it was ‘10 times.’ When asked the same question, but in relation to their sex life at home, none of the respondents said that they had sex ‘every day’ with their partner.



In contrast, the majority of respondents, 57%, claimed that they were only intimate with their partner ‘once a week’ when at home, roughly equating to 8 times in a two month period.


Only 1% of the respondents said that they were not intimate on holiday with their partner, but 9% claimed they were intimate ‘twice a day’. Of those who generally had sex more times on holiday than at home, 14% put it down to being more relaxed whilst on holiday, whilst 11% said they felt it was a given that they had to be intimate more than they were at home.


During the poll, also wanted to discover what other effects holidays had on people’s relationships. When asked, ‘How often did you argue on holiday?’ the majority, 67%, said they ‘didn’t at all’. In contrast, more than half, 54%, said they argued in some way ‘at least once daily’ with their partner when at home in the UK.


Chris Brown, co-founder of, said the following about the findings;


“I think it’s a given that people are generally more relaxed and romantic when they are on holiday, but it was interesting to see just how much intimacy and arguments were affected. I was surprised to see that so many couples didn’t argue whilst on holiday, as they can be stressful at times.


“More surprising than that was the fact 11% thought it was a given that they had to be more intimate on holiday; people obviously seem to see holidays as the perfect opportunity to do things other than sunbathing and site-seeing!”