Breaking Travel News reveals third of under 30s only ever been on Beach Holiday reveals third of under 30s only ever been on Beach Holiday

It appears that older British holidaymakers may be more adventurous than their younger counterparts, as a new poll by one of the leading online independent travel agencies in the UK has revealed that a third of under 30s have only ever been on a beach holiday.

The poll formed part of a study by travel agency, which was carried out as part of ongoing research into the different holiday habits of people around the UK and their preferences in terms of overseas travel. 1,668 UK adults aged 18-29 were polled and respondents were asked questions surrounding their previous holidays.

Initially, those taking part were asked to estimate how many holidays they had been on in the past. According to the poll, the average number of holidays taken by under 30s in the UK was ‘19’, but also wanted to find out what kind of holidays these had been.

33% of the adults taking part in the study claimed they had only ever been on a ‘beach holiday’, as opposed to something slightly different. 7% said they had only ever been on a ‘city break’, whilst 11% confessed to only ever going on ‘ski holidays’.

Furthermore, 13% of the total respondents said they had only ever been on holiday in the UK and hadn’t ventured out overseas. In a bid to find out more about the reasons why respondents stuck to certain types of holidays, questioned them further.


Of those who had only ever been on a beach holiday, more than half, 57%, said it was due to the fact beach holidays were the kind of holiday that they liked the best. Just over 1 in 10, 12%, said they found them ‘more affordable’ than other types of holidays when booking and 3% went as far as saying they ‘didn’t see the point’ in holidays that weren’t spent at beach resorts.

Despite the findings, two fifths, 41%, said they would like to be ‘more adventurous’ when it came to their holidays.

Chris Brown, co-founder of, said the following about the site’s latest poll;

“When most people picture a holiday, I think they automatically think of a nice beach, lovely weather and sunbathing for hours on end, but that’s not necessarily what breaks overseas are all about. There are so many places to explore, that it’s a shame to miss out on things like city breaks or adventure holidays.

“It’s always good to try something a bit different once in a while, so if beach holidays are what you’d normally stick to, you should try the complete opposite and go inland to explore a city instead. Alternatively, try to get a combination of the two by visiting places like Barcelona, which offers the hustle and bustle of a large city, but also the same delights as a beach break!”