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Mövenpick unveils new global campaign

Mövenpick unveils new global campaign

Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts is excited to unwrap its new global campaign, Hotels to Indulge, designed to expertly blend the guest experience with the transformative power of food, create connections through culture, and encourage guests to consciously indulge
Steeped in the brand’s heritage and philosophy of culinary excellence and human connection, the “indulgence done right” campaign features chocolate-inspired creative, playful imagery, and local gastronomy-themed guest experiences thoughtfully curated to feed and enrich the soul.
The new campaign was inspired by and crafted using recent consumer research, which indicates travelers around the world describe luxury as “having time to relax and enjoy oneself.”* The data and findings show that consumers are increasingly searching for unique experiences and are consciously looking at how to balance health and wellness with the unapologetic satisfaction of enjoying food and beverages. This type of simple indulgence is at the heart of the Mövenpick ethos and the Hotels to Indulge campaign. By combining wholesome pleasures and a healthy dose of self-indulgence, Mövenpick is passionate about creating elevated guest experiences that provide innate joy and transform the world into a realm of endless, playful possibilities.

“Hotels to Indulge will inspire travelers to visit, stay, and enjoy Mövenpick along their journeys, where indulgence is deftly woven into every element of the guest experience,” said Alexander Schellenberger, Chief Brand Officer, Accor. “The campaign feeds off the brand’s philosophy of indulgence done right, which includes everything from the daily Chocolate Hour ritual at Mövenpick hotels to the brand’s planet-loving initiatives that nourish our world. It’s a wholehearted invitation to experience a hotel stay that satisfies the appetite – for love, connection, exploration, and life.”

The brand’s heritage and philosophy of “indulgence done right” originated from Mövenpick founder Ueli Prager’s vision and his belief that, “We don’t do anything that’s really extraordinary. We are successful because we simply do ordinary things in an extraordinary way.” With Hotels to Indulge, Mövenpick will be “the” destination for food culture that brings people together, enables connections, stirs emotions, and creates magical culinary moments travelers and locals aspire to experience.

The new campaign underpins a vital part of the brand’s strategic plan to elevate brand awareness, strengthen its premium positioning, enhance relevancy with core and younger audiences, and deepen engagement and advocacy through elevated, unpretentious and authentic experiences. Hotels to Indulge launches in September 2022 with a strategic media plan focused on engaging audiences across social and digital channels.


“Mövenpick does premium hotels but also delicious chocolate, ice cream, coffee and wine. Conceptually, the campaign is whimsical and fairy-tale like, representing places where you take a piece off the wall and it is made of something sweet. Going back to the very roots of the brand, we found a lot of humour, hedonism, culinary moments and bon vivants. The hotels really do have indulgence at their core, an indulgence done right, like the Swiss expertly know how to do. Take the chocolate and cream staircase of Dubai, the honey drop from Marrakesh or the raspberry macaroon from Zürich. Those are clear invitations to a yummy tucked up stay,” said Jean-Guilhem Lamberti, Chief Creative Officer, Accor.

As part of the campaign kick-off, Mövenpick has partnered with famed pâtissier Eric Lanlard, affectionately known as ‘Cake-Boy,’ for exclusive culinary moments in select markets, beginning with the Middle East. This fall, Mövenpick will invite influencers and content creators to participate in a Weekend of Indulgence with Eric Lanlard at Mövenpick Resort Al Marjan Island. This will be the first in a series of events at Mövenpick properties worldwide that will feature experiences such as chocolate master classes, custom amenities, chocolate-inspired social hours, and sensational dinners. An exclusive Mövenpick Chocolate Hour concept designed by Eric Lanlard will also be offered across 15 hotels and resorts in the Middle East, Africa and Turkey that will surely surprise and delight guests.

In addition to on-property events, the Hotels to Indulge campaign will feature a social media contest encouraging individuals to share unexpected, unscripted moments of joy. These could range from random acts of kindness or serendipitously running into a favorite football player to capturing a child’s reaction to their first bite of chocolate cake or seeing snow-capped mountains for the first time. Though times are uncertain, the social campaign is one-way Mövenpick is taking action to remind people that life is full of small moments of joy and that we must all strive to embrace and celebrate them. To participate, fans of the brand can simply post photos or videos on Instagram using the hashtag #HotelsToIndulge. Mövenpick will work in collaboration with a curated group of select partners to encourage their online community to share unexpected stories that move them the most for a chance to win exciting prizes. The contest will launch on 01 October 2022 and conclude on 30 December 2022. See Mövenpick Hotels-to-Indulge Terms & Conditions for further details.

“Mövenpick, deeply understands the pleasure that a touch of culinary artistry can bring,” said Eric Lanlard, aka Cake-Boy. “It is a joy to work with Mövenpick and help create those magical, unexpected moments that happen when a guest participates in a culinary creation they’ve never experienced before, or a taste that will forever connect them to a special place and time. It is undeniable that food experiences while traveling create powerful memories.”

Moreover, Mövenpick is furthering its brand promise to nourish the world and promote social change with its annual Kilo of Kindness charitable campaign. Launching in October, the seventh annual Kilo of Kindness campaign will invite guests, visitors and the Mövenpick community to donate food, clothing or educational supplies to disadvantaged communities worldwide. More than 45 Mövenpick hotels across Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East are set to support the campaign and distribute donations in partnership with local charities.

Having originated in 1948 as a restaurant aimed at demystifying fine dining, Mövenpick possesses a rich expertise in gastronomic innovation. The brand’s culinary history remains a key source of inspiration for its hospitality vision and is brought to life in the Hotels to Indulge campaign imagery – through the use of food as a visual metaphor for indulgent yet accessible experiences offered at Mövenpick properties around the globe.