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Mexico claims a stake in adventure travel

Mexico claims a stake in adventure travel

For the sixth year in a row, Mexico commits to adventure travel as a model for sustainable tourism growth through a strategic partnership with the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA, Through significant investment in the adventure travel market that is worth $263 Billion as of 2012, Mexico plans to work with multiple States across the country that want to educate their community, train local guides and operators, build infrastructure and promote Mexico’s adventure travel offerings.

“Visit Mexico truly understands the time, resources and dedication needed to make a long term change in their country,” says ATTA president Mr. Shannon Stowell. “We are as committed to their success as they are and that is the key to our partnership. With six years of Adventure Travel World Summit sponsorship, which includes the upcoming Summit in Killarney, Ireland, Mexico has continued to put their adventure travel offerings in front of key industry players while giving Mexican tour operators an opportunity to showcase the products that make Mexico a unique and diverse adventure destination.”

This August, Visit Mexico and the States of Veracruz will host the 3rd annual Adventure Travel Mexico (ATMEX) event in Veracruz, Mexico. From August 27th to 30th, over 400 inbound Mexican operators, outbound tour operators, international buyers and media will gather to learn more about the benefits of offering adventure travel in Mexico. Through a dynamic business-to-business marketplace and educational sessions on adventure travel best practices and trends, ATMEX attendees will walk away with insights and new partnerships that will help them grow the adventure travel industry in Mexico.

In 2011 Mexico hosted the ATTA’s annual Adventure Travel World Summit, with former Mexican President Calderon in attendance, and in 2012 and 2013 Mexico held ATMEX in Veracruz, Mexico in partnership with the ATTA. The success of these events and the burgeoning demand for adventure travel when matched with Mexico’s adventure travel offerings have set the stage for this long term partnership. In 2011 the Mexico Tourism Board included Adventure and Nature tourism as one of the five pillars of tourism for Mexico.

As part of the ATMEX collaboration in 2014, Mexico is looking to incorporate and partner with the ATTA on an AdventureWeek, an intensive familiarization concept and year-long education program. In addition to crafting a customized adventure FAM, the ATTA delivers an adventure-qualified storytelling team, operator training, hand-picked specialized buyers and media and a focused adventure marketplace. AdventureWeek Mexico destination details to be announced.


Prior to and following ATMEX, Veracruz and Mexican states such as the Yucatan, Oaxaca, San Luis Potosi, Nuevo Leon, Chihuahua, Sonora, Chiapas, amongst others will offer a series of expense-paid familiarization trips for qualified buyers and media that will showcase the destination.

Setting the stage in 2014 for both ATMEX and AdventureWeek will be additional educational programs including an Adventure Travel Travel Advisor training and AdventureEDU, currently of interest to Visit Mexico and state tourism boards. Both of these initiatives will ensure that buyers selling Mexico are informed about Mexico’s travel highlights, unique cultural opportunities, climate and weather considerations and special needs of the adventure traveler while AdventureEDU will aim to train Mexico’s adventure travel tour operators to best understand the needs and expectations of the global adventure traveler to ensure the best in destination experience.

Currently, the ATTA is developing the educational component for ATMEX as well as inviting key outbound buyers from around the world with an interest in understanding and selling adventure travel trips to Mexico.