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Lufthansa’s 1st Boeing 787 Is Due To Be Delivered Today

Lufthansa is gearing up to take delivery of its 1st Boeing 787 tomorrow. According to a post on the airline’s Instagram story
D-ABPA is scheduled to depart Seattle at around 16:00 local time before arriving at the airline’s Frankfurt stronghold tomorrow morning.

The Boeing 787 entered revenue service over a decade ago, meaning that Lufthansa is very late to the party regarding the Dreamliner. But they say better late than never, and Lufthansa is now due to take delivery of its 1st Boeing 787 before it undergoes a cabin fit-out at Frankfurt Airport.
Assuming everything goes to plan, the 1st Lufthansa Boeing 787 Dreamliner delivery is now just hours away. The German flag carrier will take delivery of the jet later today, at 16:00 PDT.
Following delivery, the jet will fly to Frankfurt Airport, Germany, as LH9921, where it is due to touch down tomorrow morning. It appears as though Lufthansa won’t make much of a song or dance about the jet’s arrival in Frankfurt. It is due to head straight into a maintenance hangar where it will spend several weeks receiving its new cabin.
The German flag carrier has yet to confirm the dates of the 787’s entry into service. So far, we know that the aircraft will start operating domestic routes within Germany for crew training. Once the aircraft goes long-haul, its first intercontinental destination will be Toronto.