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Lucas selects Chicago for new museum

Lucas selects Chicago for new museum

Star Wars creator George Lucas has selected Chicago over Los Angeles and San Francisco as the future home of his collection of art and movie memorabilia.

The museum will be called the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art.

The decision was welcomed by Chicago mayor, Rahm Emanuel.

He said: “George Lucas has revolutionised the art of storytelling over the last four decades and we are honoured to be the recipient of this incredible legacy investment that will allow everyone to learn about and experience narrative arts.

“Like Marshall Field, John G. Shedd and Max Adler before him, George’s philanthropy will inspire and educate for generations.

“No other museum like this exists in the world, making it a tremendous educational, cultural and job creation asset for all Chicagoans, as well as an unparalleled draw for international tourists.”

Gillian Darlow and Kurt Summers, co-chairs, Lucas Site Selection Task Force, explained the history of the city had played a role in the decision.

A statement said: “Chicago is a city of storytellers, a city that treasures arts and culture, and a city defined by bold visions.

“Since the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition, the city has been home to many of the most important cultural institutions in the country.

“The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art will add a world-class attraction to Chicago’s lakefront, elevate Chicago’s profile as a global city, and provide new educational opportunities for our youth.

“The ambitious project will turn acres of asphalt into a stunning structure surrounded by newly created green space—improving the lakefront while reaffirming the principles that have made it a treasure for generations.

“We are thrilled that the museum has chosen Chicago as its home and we look forward to seeing it develop as a model for how museums can engage and inspire in the 21st century.”