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Los Angeles unveils new tourism industry aims

Los Angeles unveils new tourism industry aims

Last year was a record breaking year for Los Angeles, with 41.4 million visitors spending time in the city.

Officials at the Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board are now seeking to build on this success, with a new vision for tourism in the city recently unveiled.

LA Tourism president Ernest Wooden Junior shared a new annual visitation goal of 50 million visitors to Los Angeles by 2020.

LA Tourism estimates that an increase to 50 million in total visitation will generate an increase of $14 billion in economic impact for Los Angeles, for a total of $44.5 billion; bring in $238 million in hotel tax revenue to the City; and add 68,000 new jobs to the LA region’s workforce for a total of 392,000 jobs supported by the tourism industry in 2020.

Last year, the Los Angeles tourist industry broke every record in the book – total visitation, total domestic visitors, total international visitors, and annual hotel occupancy.

The destination is on pace to set another total visitation record in 2013 of 42 million visitors.

“After reaching a record 41.4 million visitors last year, we’re prepared to reach new heights and we’re now setting our sights on the 50 million visitors milestone,” Wooden said.