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Johannesburg Tourism in force at ITB

Johannesburg Tourism in force at ITB

The Johannesburg Tourism Company (JTC) has been making its mark at ITB Berlin this year, positioning Joburg as a year-round destination through a number of initiatives and campaigns, including a lively reception that took place at the South African Embassy in Berlin on 8 March.

“Our ongoing local and international promotional campaigns include exhibiting at business and leisure trade exhibitions where JTC shares its plans to maintain, defend and grow its market share,” says Phelisa Mangcu, acting CEO.

“As the City of Johannesburg’s destination marketing organisation, JTC remains focused on positioning Joburg not only as the continent’s leading business hub, but also as an exciting, vibrant year-round destination for signature events, lifestyle, the arts, culture, fashion, sports – and of course, mega-events.”

“In terms of the recently-launched Mayoral Outreach campaign to discuss the city of Johannesburg’s Growth and Development Strategy 2040, tourism remains an economic growth imperative on the city’s agenda. It is an important catalyst to encourage the development of the SMME sector in order to encourage the growth and development of a vibrant second economy.  It is the Johannesburg Tourism Company’s strategy mission to attract visitors to Joburg, encourage them to stay longer, spend more, improve seasonality patterns and the spread of visitors across the city.”

Joburg’s impressive calendar of diverse signature events throughout the year provide have been attracting attention. Joburg signature events throughout the year range from the Joburg Open Golf Tournament in January,  the Joburg Fashion Week in March, the Africa Cup Polo and Joy of Jazz in August, to Arts Alive, the Joburg Shopping Festival and Taste of Joburg in October,  to Africa Fashion Week and the Sansui Summer Cup in November, to mention but a few. 


Supporting these efforts is the regeneration work taking place around the city. City Parks and the Joburg Development Agency have been working alongside private investors on a number of projects including Braamfontein, Newtown, the inner-City, Arts on Main, the SOJO Route and the developments in Soweto and Sandton.

As the tourism board continues to position Johannesburg as an urban tourism destination, highlighting the city as a dynamic and thriving world class centre and an ideal place to live, work, study, invest and visit, Joburg looks set to attract a wave of new visitors in 2012.