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Jetstar in hot water over ‘flush your drugs’ comments

Jetstar in hot water over ‘flush your drugs’ comments

Low-cost carrier JetStar has apologised to passengers after a steward on board a Sydney-bound flight told passengers to “flush anything you shouldn’t have”.

The plane was returning from the Gold Coast, with many passengers having attended the Splendour in The Grass music festival, held near tourist spot Byron Bay.

The attendant reportedly told passengers sniffer dogs and inspectors were waiting.

The remarks led to several people suddenly getting up to queue for the toilet.

JetStar said that the crew member had acted unprofessionally.

Sydney newspaper The Daily Telegraph reports Jetstar is required to play a pre-recorded announcement on domestic flights about Australia’s strict quarantine regulations, which prevent some plant and fruit materials being transported between states.

However, the carrier also allows cabin crew to deliver the message.

Jet Star said on this occasion “the crew member’s words were poorly chosen and are plainly at odds with the professional standards we’d expect from our team”.