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Jet Booking Direct’s profits climb 41% in 2010 as jet charter comes of age

Jet Booking Direct announced today that its business has achieved a 41% uplift in 2010 as corporate and private clients move in increasing numbers from the commercial operators to embrace the reliability, quality of service and ease of use of private jet charter. The company is seeing more people turn to private jet hire, frustrated by the lengthy security checks at traditional airports, flight cancellations due to over-regulation and the unreliability of carriers such as BA during its current industrial relations troubles.

As BA struggles to deal with its staffing problems and the UK still appears to be governed with a nanny-state mentality Jet Booking Direct has seen a sharp uplift in passenger numbers who are increasingly using private jet charter to get them where they need to be with no lengthy security delays and minimal fuss. Using a private jet means that clients can be delivered to the airport of their choice thirty minutes before departure and assured of suffering no delays.

Steve Blight, Director of Jet Booking Direct, said: “The increase in our business shows that corporates, sports personalities and leading business people are tired of being treated like suspects at all of the major airports where they are forced to spend three hours each way in lengthy security checks when the alternative of a private jet frees up almost all of that valuable time.

“We provide our clients with a door to door experience managed by us at all times. They do not get any unpleasant surprises – we take care of everything. We only supply the safest jets on the charter market, are totally discrete and provide the reliability you do not get from any other travel experience. The sharp increase in our business is not solely due to the improving economic climate – it is a direct response to the personal attention we provide for all of our clients and the premium we put of safety. We only use the most up to date jets - we refuse to use ageing aircraft. As our competitors try to emulate our service and safety record we are confident that our present growth will prove that our formula is the one to beat.”