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Jamaica’s Bond Heritage Shines in Prime Video’s adventure series 007: Road To A Million

Jamaica’s Bond Heritage Shines in Prime Video’s adventure series 007: Road To A Million

Jamaica has a long association with the James Bond film franchise - it has provided a plethora of iconic locations, such as Doctor Kananga’s underground lair in Live and Let Die (1973) at Green Grotto Caves, and the waterfall from the first Bond film, Dr. No (1962), at Ocho Rios’ Dunn’s River Falls. Now, from the producers behind the James Bond films, comes the thrilling television series 007: Road To A Million.

Set across eight episodes, this adventure series takes viewers on a global adventure through Bond-inspired challenges set by the mastermind behind the game, The Controller (Brian Cox). Nine pairs of everyday people have the chance to win a life-changing million pounds prize if they can find and answer the ten questions he has hidden in locations around the world, offering viewers a captivating blend of unique challenges and awe-inspiring destinations.

“We are excited to be part of this extraordinary adventure from the producers behind the James Bond films. Jamaica’s appearance in 007: Road To A Million aligns with our new target of 250,000 UK and Ireland visitors in 2025, while supporting our mission to showcase our beautiful island as the ultimate destination for travellers seeking thrilling experiences and cultural immersion,” says Director of the Jamaica Tourist Board, Donovan White.

Across three high-octane episodes, “Episode 005”, “Episode 006” and the penultimate “Episode 007”, viewers are transported through iconic Bond locations, from GoldenEye, straight to the heart of The Island, set against the backdrop of Kingston. In these action-packed episodes, one pair embarks on a daring maritime adventure, searching for a sunken freight ship from 1977 among the reefs and marine life in Port Royal, known locally as Cayman Trader, promising a suspenseful experience for viewers.


Jamaica’s feature within 007: Road To A Million showcases the captivating beauty of Kingston and the richness of Jamaican culture on a global stage. With Jamaica celebrating its achievement of top Caribbean destination for the UK traveller, viewers are given a taste of the destination’s abundant offerings for adventure, culture, and nature enthusiasts.

As the series progresses, The Controller extends an invitation to a luxurious casino located in a remote private villa on the island’s coast. Here, contestants must roll the dice and confront their toughest question yet, adding an extra layer of excitement to the adventure. Elizabeth Fox, Regional Director for UK and Northern Europe, shared “Jamaica’s timely involvement in this programme acknowledges the island’s rich history, and its diverse adventurous offerings. We proudly celebrate our achievement of top Caribbean destination for UK travellers and look to achieving the new targets for 2024 and beyond. We are thrilled to be a part of this global reignition of the Bond story and the stage it offers our vibrant island destination.”

David Glover, CEO of 72 Films and Executive Producer on the show expressed “Synonymous with the world of James Bond, we were delighted to feature Jamaica as one of our key locations for season one of 007: Road To A Million. We were given incredible access to a rich tapestry of stunning locations and were made to feel incredibly welcome across the entire island.” Glover added that it was a great pleasure shooting in Jamaica and made special mention of the coastguard on island who aided in making the shoot a great success.

Watch Jamaica in 007: Road To A Million, now available on Prime Video. Viewers can expect an unforgettable journey through stunning landscapes, daring challenges, and the allure of Kingston, Jamaica.

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