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ITB Berlin set to launch new advertising campaign to bolster position

ITB Berlin set to launch new advertising campaign to bolster position

ITB Berlin will be strengthening its image as the world’s leading travel trade show with the launch of a new advertising campaign.

The creative team of Daniel Freier and Robert Körtge of the Berlin-based branding agency kleiner und bold has been responsible for developing this strategy and new undertaking.

The main objective of the new campaign is to position “experience and experts”.

Every year, decision-makers from the international tourism industry gather at the trade show on the Berlin Exhibition Grounds to exchange information on the latest developments and trends.

Numerous lectures, workshops and seminars at the ITB Berlin Convention and eTravel World, for example, offer valuable information to those present.

Year after year, this enables annual visitors to ITB Berlin to gain a huge advantage in terms of knowledge.

In future, stylised pictograms will symbolise ITB Berlin’s pioneering role in tourism and visually position the show in its leading role for the tourism industry.

With new motifs on the homepage of the show’s website, in its newsletters and on social networking sites the world’s largest travel trade show will make it easy for visitors to find their way around.

Comprising several icons, the pictograms cover a wide range of content and specifically target individual topics, related information and audiences.

ITB Berlin 2014 will be taking place from Wednesday 5th to Sunday March 9th, and from Wednesday to Friday will be open to trade visitors only.