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ITB Berlin: JA Resorts & Hotels reveals brand reinvigoration for 2019
JA Resorts & Hotels chief executive Anthony Ross will lead an overhaul of the company

ITB Berlin: JA Resorts & Hotels reveals brand reinvigoration for 2019

It is poised to be a year of rapid change for JA Resorts & Hotels, one of Dubai’s longest-serving homegrown hospitality brands.

Fresh blood in the leadership team is catapulting the company into the future with a new vision and mission, a re-invigoration of the brand, new properties, renovations and significant international expansion.

A glossy new lifestyle focused website showcases where JA Resorts & Hotels wants to be positioned in 2019 and figures show that millennials are the top visitor group to the site, up 40 per cent on previous years.

The group currently has eight distinct resorts and hotels across the UAE and Indian Ocean, all of which are being reinvigorated by a fresh and dynamic brand outlook.

“Many people don’t realise just how much we’ve got going on,” said chief executive of JA Resorts & Hotels, Anthony Ross.


“JA Hatta Fort is Dubai’s only mountain resort and a place where families can have the adventure trip of a lifetime with loads of activities on offer.

“In 2019, we have been booked out consistently every weekend and saw great pick up from companies rewarding their teams with corporate connection trips, a step up from traditional team building.

“JA The Resort is also undergoing big change, a new hotel JA Lake View Hotel and a major renovation to the JA Beach Hotel.

“People in Dubai are starting to realise that we are more than just one of Dubai’s first hotels, we are now Dubai’s Largest experience resort - offering more than 40 unique activities to international guests and UAE residents looking for a resort style staycation.”

Ross lives and breathes the new brand, a free-spirited travel lover, hell bent on future-forward thinking, corporate social responsibility and driving growth and recognition for the company.

“We want people to watch this space,” he added.

“Times are changing, and we’ve got a lot to say and do this year.

“It’s an exciting time and with this team in place, I am looking forward to making a big splash.

“JA Resorts & Hotels is gearing up for Arabian Travel Market in April, where a major press conference on the April 28th will reveal the new food and beverage concepts being brought to the UAE and the massive expansion plans in new continents to the global media.”