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ITB Berlin: Amadeus offers digital solution for Covid-19 health concerns

ITB Berlin: Amadeus offers digital solution for Covid-19 health concerns

Monika Wiederhold from Amadeus has advocated integrating health information into IT solutions at ITB Berlin Now, arguing the move will allow for the reopening of the tourism sector.

“We cannot go back to the way things used to be,” Wiederhold quoted World Health Organisation general secretary, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, in her keynote speech during the ITB Berlin NOW Convention.

The chairman of the management of Amadeus Germany advocated the creation of a “safe travel ecosystem” with the help of new technologies.

People all over the world are insecure when it comes to traveling: what is considered a safe test in Milan does not have to be in Shanghai, where is there a risk of quarantine, when and for how long?

All over the world it is clear that traveling will no longer be the same as it used to be.


Even if everything is allowed again, people have great concerns about travel plans.

“We have to give the travellers confidence again,” explained Wiederhold.

“Every country, every region and every company have its own answers to the worldwide problem of Covid-19.

“That means a very complex environment for travellers,” said Wiederhold.

Standards could make the world and travel easier.

First of all, information should be available in real time.

In addition, new technologies should ensure more contactless interaction.

“It is not only at airports that processes can be made safer and faster using biometric identifications, for example, this is also conceivable for hotels,” explained the tourism expert.

In this way, health certificates could be integrated into data systems and relieve the actors involved in the travel process.

Travellers can safely and smoothly prove that they have the necessary health documents and decide for themselves when and where they want to digitally prove their health status.

Airlines and airports could integrate the information directly into their own digital channels.

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