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HRG China signs landmark deal with TravelSky

HRG China signs landmark deal with TravelSky

Hogg Robinson Group (HRG),the award-winning international corporate services company, has signed a distinctive five-year agreement with TravelSky Technology Ltd.  This deal grants HRG access to the full version of BlueSky, a software platform developed by TravelSky specifically for corporate travellers,which consists of a Computer Reservation System (CRS) and online booking tool.  With information such as booking details, corporate travel policies and traveller profiles synchronised across the booking system, this seamless integration will benefit clients by allowing them to realise cost savings through increased efficiency and productivity.

Owned by China TravelSky Holding Company, TravelSky Technology Ltd is the preferred GDS provider in China. This ground-breaking partnership deal between HRG and TravelSky designates TravelSky as HRG China’s sole GDS provider for the next five years and grants HRG access to the full version of the BlueSky platform. BlueSky comprises a CRS designed for travel consultants use and an online booking tool feature that allows clients to book trips with real-time information at their fingertips.

“We are very privileged to be able to fully utilise BlueSky’s CRS and online booking tool.  Its ability to provide accurate real-time information makes it the most advanced travel booking system in the Chinese travel market,” said HRG’s Tony Hopwood,Director Business Technology AsPac. “BlueSky’s system enhancements will yield a number of benefits for our clients.  Features such as best buy,lowest fare search and itinerary generator will provide a wider, more detailed range of travel options.While traveller profiles, company profiles and waiting lists will increase our travel consultant’s productivity by up to 20%,resulting in significant cost savings for clients.”

“In addition, travel bookers/travellers will be using a shared profile for both the online booking tool and the Travel Management Company (TMC) system, so information between bookings made and corporate travel data and policies are streamlined to further facilitate the travel approval process,” Hopwood said.

As booking travel in China is a manual process for travel managers, this seamless integration of information between BlueSky’s online booking tool and the CRS will shorten the whole travel booking process for both corporations and their travellers, offering them increased convenience and a more efficient and quicker travel approval.


Mr Peng Bo, General Manager, GDS Business Department, TravelSky Technology Ltd says, “We take great pleasure in supporting HRG’s operations in China and we look forward to this progressive partnership with HRG. With its local and international expertise and its global network, we believe this relationship is a prime opportunity to exchange knowledge and experiences to further develop our technology to provide our users with more extensive services.”