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How is the travel industry changing the way they develop new products?

How is the travel industry changing the way they develop new products?

For too long the travel industry has been making travel products based on deals.  Destinations, airports and governments effectively bribe the travel industry (airlines hotels tour operators car hire etc.) into using and promoting their product.  Deal making and negotiation will always be part of our business.  However, the innovators in the industry are starting to rely far more on the careful gathering of data from a large range of external and internal sources, followed up by detailed analysis and thus start the negotiations knowing what their customers want.  The innovators end up making fact based decisions when developing new products and so in turn create long lasting products that sell.

To track this evolution EyeforTravel is launching a new report dedicated to working out how the senior route planners, product developers, hotel investors and head of commercial and purchasing are changing the way they produce new products.

It’s all part of EyeforTravel’s upcoming Product Development Strategies conference that takes place this this November 3-4th in London just before WTM.  The conference will bring together leading commercial strategists, investors, product developers, route planners and analysts from the world’s top airlines, car hire, hotels, OTAs and tour operators to share insights on the corporate strategy and the correct use of data to develop more profitable travel products.

This ground-breaking research and conference will drive the debate about the future of long-term profitable product development across the travel industry. For the conference, we’ve recruited 25 of the brightest minds from every sector of the industry to share the secrets of profitable product development.  The research will be the basis for the debate and will allow the industry to benchmark their progress alongside their competitors.

If you would like to know more about the event you can see the full program agenda here: