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EyeforTravel presents School of Mobile

EyeforTravel presents School of Mobile

With over four billion mobile phones now in use around the world, the potential to reach consumers has never been greater. Here EyeForTravel examines the latest trends in this burgeoning market.


There is no denying for nearly a decade the mobile industry has been guilty of hubris, hype and the perennial this is the year of mobile syndrome.

So what – if anything - has changed in 2010?


In conjunction with Breaking Travel News, EyeforTravel is proud to announce the release of the School of Mobile research reports - the culmination of over a year’s research into the evolution of mobile technology and its impact on the global travel industry.

With over 18 insightful case studies showcasing successful mobile initiatives from leading travel brands across the globe – the research report contains everything you need to know to engage in and monetise mobile technology – and best of all, the reports are completely free.

Why Mobile?

Mobile phones outnumber personal computers around the world by a ratio of 4:1, meaning mobile arguably has four times the market, advertising reach and commerce potential.

With over four billion mobile users around the world - compared to approximately one billion PCs - mobile phones will become the ideal channel for businesses to reach, engage with and sell to their consumers.

The global mobile application market (including games) was worth $4.66 billion in 2009 alone, with this figure expected to jump to $16.60 billion by 2013.

Moreover, the smart phone market is expected to surge 30 per cent by 2013, approaching 1.6 billion users; with sales expected to increase from 165 million in 2009 to 423 million in 2013.

How to Harness the Power of Mobile?

This is the essence of EyeforTravel’s Mobile Technology in Travel report, to strip away the mythology, misconceptions and the jargon in the debate to present the simple truths at the very heart of the mobile phenomenon.

The first case study features Sixt Rent-a-Car and examines how they successfully deployed a recent mobile booking initiative.

New case study reports will be released fortnightly. Subscribe here and receive the first case study of the series.