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Hotel Sosei Sapporo opens its doors at the heart of the Japanese island of Hokkaido

Hotel Sosei Sapporo opens its doors at the heart of the Japanese island of Hokkaido

On the island of Hokkaido, Japan’s fifth largest city will welcome the latest addition to the Accor Group’s MGallery Collection as of January 2024. Set in the Sosei East neighborhood, where the cultural heritage is as present as ever, Hotel Sosei Sapporo exalts Japanese tradition while integrating discreet touches of modernity and character.
An eclectic mix for a destination that offers a complete getaway sensation.

Discovery of Japanese treasures
Nestled between mountains and sea, historic Sapporo claims second prize for snowiest city in the world. In fact, this is one of the reasons why the Winter Olympic Games were held here in 1972. Daily life follows the rhythm of the four seasons. The architecture is widely inspired by the West. As for the natural heritage, it largely contributes to the renown of this prefectural capital. In winter, locals enjoy many activities (including the essential ice sculpture contest). When sunny days arrive, the population flocks to the many downtown parks to admire the trees in blossom.

“Hotel Sosei Sapporo - MGallery Collection invites you to discover the city’s rich cultural heritage. Welcome to your new home in downtown Sapporo, the perfect base to explore the magical beauty of the island of Hokkaido.” — TADASHI KITAHARA, HOTEL MANAGER

A reinvented private townhouse

Established in a private residence from the pioneer district, Hotel Sosei Sapporo pays tribute to Japanese traditions, right from the entrance. This is where the hotel’s iconic object is given pride of place: a threedimensional sculpture by local artist Rie Kawakami, symbolizing wild hop (a flowering perennial plant). Here and there, the symbol of hamanasu (a Japanese rose used in perfumery) accentuates the artisanal savoir-faire. But the site particularly showcases historic breweries. In the bar, the fireplace is inspired by the curves of ancient copper beer kilns. Guests can enjoy Sapporo beer, as well as Hokkaido wines and locally brewed sake. Creating a warm ambience, the signature color palette embellishes the space with peaceful green or deep violet.



Flowers in every room
Hotel Sosei Sapporo features 118 rooms. The lighting is soft and the atmosphere blossoms with large bouquets of colorful flowers. Here, the surrounding nature can be found on the walls, with Japanese paintings that recreate the history of the location. Traditional elements are balanced by pieces inspired by furniture imported to Hokkaido in the 19th century. In the bathroom, bath salts made from hop (also called “sleeping grass”) diffuse a deliciously crisp scent. Ideal to sink into the unparalleled delight of a bubble bath before slipping between the sheets.


A culinary immersion
Sapporo, the birthplace of Japanese beer, continues this legacy today. While references to this tradition can be found throughout the hotel, it is in the restaurant that you can truly explore this universe. In this gastronomic eatery, the decoration is inspired by old German breweries. On the menu? Local culinary dishes, such as ramen, mushroom and onion soup, or jingisukan, a grilled lamb dish. But also a wide selection of fish, purchased at the fish auctions at the sprawling city market – an age-old practice still appreciated today.



A horse-drawn carriage ride to discover
the Sosei East neighborhood, including a
private tasting at the famous Beer Museum.

THE ICONIC OBJECT: Wild Hops, by local artist Rie Kawakami. A monumental sculpture showcased in the entrance, mimicking the curves of wild hop.
THE PERSONALIZED SUITE: The Hamanasu Suite and its soothing fabric and wood decoration.
THE SHADE: Parma violet. The color of the rattan sofas in the lobby, but also the long curtains that cloak the space.
THE SCENT: Hop, rising from a freshly drawn bath in the tub.
THE TEMPO: In two steps. Energetic at first, paced by local activities. Then, soothing, as soon
as you step foot in the hotel.
THE SIGNATURE COCKTAIL: Sosei Polaris, a blend of haskap wine (a nod to Hokkaido), hopflavored sparkling water, grenadine syrup and gin. Wonderfully fresh.