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Honeymoon murder suspect placed in psychiatric care

Honeymoon murder suspect placed in psychiatric care

Shrien Dewani, the businessman accused of ordering the killing of his wife whilst on honeymoon in Cape Town, has been placed in psychiatric care for his own protection.

The 31-year-old has been sent to the Priory Hospital in southwest London after taking an overdose last month.

He has been on bail at his family home in Bristol but South African authorities have asked that he be taken into custody following the suicide attempt.

The care home owner is due to attend a hearing at Woolwich Crown Court next month.

Lawyers for both sides agreed the care home owner, who is said to be suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome, should be admitted to the clinic.

He remains subject to a £250,000 bail and a curfew and the requirement that he report daily to a local police station.

A psychiatric report by Professor Nigel Eastman, written after the overdose, said it was “unlikely he intended to kill himself on this occasion”.

The court heard last month how Mr Dewani had been found by his sister after taking a “massive overdose” of 46 pills, including diazepam prescribed to counter anxiety and help him sleep.

Lawyers had argued then that he should be put in custody for his own protection but the judge called for a second opinion on his mental health.

Dewani is facing extradition to South Africa where he is alleged to have hired hitmen to kill his 28-year-old bride.

Her body was found in the outskirts of Cape Town on November 13 last year.

He denies the charges.