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Hertz reinvents Newark Airport car rental experience

Hertz reinvents Newark Airport car rental experience

As part of an ongoing reinvention of the car rental experience, The Hertz Corporation recently completed technological and logistical renovations at its Newark International Airport facility as part of a larger global effort.

Making the rental experience the fastest, easiest and most valued in the industry, the newly renovated Newark location breaks the norm, bringing to life the integrated rental experience Hertz views as the future of travel. 

Hertz plans to replicate the experience throughout the year at Hertz’s top 50 US airport locations, representing 70 per cent of US airport travellers. 

Most recently, Hertz completed renovations at its Frankfurt, Germany airport location and, to date, has renovated its San Diego and Shanghai airport locations, the Marble Arch location in central London, and Hertz’s Melbourne, Australia headquarters.
Hertz Reinvents Newark Airport Car Rental Experience

“Hertz strives to achieve the highest level of satisfaction and efficiency, both at our locations and in our vehicles while travelling,” commented Hertz chairman Mark Frissora. 

“Our team is always listening to our customers and working to surpass their needs and expectations, offering a top notch fleet of cars with superior technology such as NeverLost, which is why we are continuing to expand across the globe.

“The feedback has been outstanding and we hope to build on that as part of our mission to offer the best rental experience.”

Designed by Jackman, a creative management consulting and activation company focused on retail reinvention, the facility makeovers take into consideration the common road trip staples, tools and services typically desired by travellers, and offer the following to help enhance the travel experience:

The facility transformations also adhere to the company’s commitment to global sustainable practices, utilising the best in sustainable design and construction, including achieving LEED certification, recycling and using solar panels to generate power. 

Highlights of sustainable practices include the use of energy efficient lighting and equipment, incorporating recycled building material and finishes into the building’s renovation, the recycling of automotive oils and tires, using zero-VOC paints, and installing water saving fixtures. 

Hertz’s Living Journey sustainability practices have produced 2.5M kWh of solar energy annually. 

With more than 75 per cent of the company’s fleet getting 28+ MPGs the company offers a Green Traveller Collection that includes a variety of alternate fuel vehicles, including Electric Vehicles, Clean Diesels, Compressed Natural Gas vehicles and hybrids.