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Hertz Equipment Rental expands into Mongolia

Hertz Equipment Rental expands into Mongolia

The Hertz Corporation has announced that Hertz Equipment Rental Corporation has entered into a franchise agreement with Consolidation Services Inc. through its wholly owned subsidiary Mongolia Equipment Rental Corporation. Consolidation Services will have the exclusive license to provide rental equipment in Mongolia utilising the “Hertz Equipment” brand and proprietary system, starting from a commencement date of July 1, 2013. This move will significantly add to Hertz Equipment Rental’s existing network in Asia.

Lois Boyd, Group President, Hertz Equipment Rental Corporation, said: “We are very excited to launch in Mongolia through our partnership with Consolidation Services Inc. The nation is one of the most exciting new markets for the world’s mining industry. With its double digit GDP growth (estimated at 15.74% by the IMF for 2013) and influx of foreign investments, the country is also experiencing a boom in construction and infrastructure development.”

Former US Ambassador and Chairman of Consolidation Services and Hertz Equipment Mongolia, Mr Michael Ussery, added: “Mongolia’s resource-led economy offers a huge market opportunity for equipment rental. We are delighted to join the Hertz global equipment rental network, giving us access to hundreds of equipment and tool manufacturing partners. This will enable us to provide a full array of equipment rental services to meet a variety of mining, construction, infrastructure development and other equipment rental needs.”

The Hertz Equipment Mongolia business will offer a broad range of mining, construction and infrastructure development equipment for rent and sale along with spare parts, repair and other services. The equipment categories under the franchise agreement include:

*  Aerial Equipment (mobile platform lifts, personnel lifts and bucket trucks)
*  Air Equipment (portable and towable compressors and accessories, air tools and hammers, sandblast equipment and accessories)
*  Compaction and Paving Equipment (plate and rammer tampers, rollers, concrete and asphalt compacting and paving equipment)
*  Concrete and Masonry Equipment (concrete and mortar mixers, vibrators, saws, trowel machines, power buggies and surfacing equipment)
*  Cranes (truck mounted and carry deck cranes)
*  Earthmoving Equipment (dozers, loaders, tractors, backhoes, maintainers, trenchers, skid steers, excavators, boring and tunneling equipment and accessories)
*  Electrical Equipment (generators, electrical tools and lighting equipment and accessories)
*  Material Handling Equipment (construction and industrial forklifts, winches, hoists and jacks)
*  Pumping Equipment (centrifugal, diaphragm, trash and submersible pumps and accessories)
*  Storage Containers
*  Temperature Control Equipment
*  Trucks and Trailers (flatbed and box dumps, water trucks and water trailers, towable open trailers and pickup trucks)
*  Welding Equipment (welders and accessories)
*  Trench Shoring Equipment
*  Scaffolding