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Hertz adds 55 ExpressRent Kiosks in NYC

Hertz adds 55 ExpressRent Kiosks in NYC

The Hertz Corporation now has 55 ExpressRent kiosk locations in the City. Hertz is the first car rental company to offer customers the ability to complete the entire rental transaction using a kiosk providing live, interactive and face-to-face communication with rental agents. 

The kiosks, which are operational 24 hours, 7 days a week, supplement Hertz’s 15 retail store locations, for a combined total of 70 Hertz car rental locations in New York City. Hertz plans to expand to more than 100 kiosk locations in early 2014.

“Many New Yorkers don’t own cars and there’s high demand for easily accessible rental options on short notice.  ExpressRent™ kiosks give customers increased convenience to rent whenever they choose from a location close to their home or workplace,” commented Hertz Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Mark P. Frissora.

“Already rentals booked at Hertz’s ExpressRent Kiosks represent more than 10% of our New York City transactions.  We’re expanding this industry-leading innovation to make it even easier for New Yorkers to get the car they want when they want it.”

The expansion of Hertz ExpressRent™ kiosks in NYC gives customers a fast and easy way to rent vehicles at convenient locations throughout the city, including leading parking garages across Manhattan. ExpressRent kiosk agents are available 24 hours a day, giving customers flexibility to rent and return their vehicle on their schedule, not the company’s. One-way rentals to and from New York airports are available from these locations as well, making it easier than ever for customers to design trips that meet their needs.


With proprietary, patented technology, Hertz ExpressRent kiosks are the only in the car rental industry equipped with a touchscreen interface. A second screen allows customers to interact directly with live customer service agents via video to pick up or book rentals. The kiosks enable customers to make a reservation for a car available at any location in the city. At the rental location, the customer interacts with a Hertz kiosk agent who prints the rental agreement while a parking attendant retrieves the rental vehicle.  ExpressRent kiosks minimize wait times and provide a full-service rental experience by accepting payment with a debit or credit card, validating the customer’s driver’s license, and printing the rental agreement.

Hertz has expanded locations of ExpressRent™ kiosks, bringing more than 725 kiosks to more than 535 airport and off-airport locations in the U.S. and Europe. Hertz will continue to add locations, providing customers with the ability to rent a car from a live representative at any time of the day or night.