Breaking Travel News Launches in Ireland to Offer Flexible Ski Holidays Launches in Ireland to Offer Flexible Ski Holidays

Heidi has officially launched in Ireland, allowing ski and board enthusiasts to enjoy a completely fresh, flexible and innovative way to book their winter breaks this season!
Heidi will now carry travellers from Dublin, Cork and Shannon to resorts right across Europe with a vast range of options to choose from.

Founded in Bristol, UK, by entrepreneurial siblings Marcus and Alexander Blunt, Heidi leverages cutting-edge technology to disrupt the traditional, rigid Saturday-to-Saturday booking model or the DIY option, which can be time-consuming, expensive and leave travellers stranded without connections or holiday protection.

“Heidi’s strength lies in its expansive offerings, with access to over 100s of resorts, freedom to select flight days, and customising stay durations,” explains Marcus Blunt. Beyond the traditional week-long stays, a significant portion of Heidi’s clientele are now opting for shorter, more budget-friendly holidays, cleverly sidestepping the peak Saturday travel rush. “This strategic flexibility not only exposes skiers to lesser-known destinations but also accommodates their hectic lifestyles, often with substantial savings.”

Born out of wanting more

Marcus explains what makes Heidi a different concept from its counterparts. “Heidi’s inception was fuelled by personal frustration—the inability to effortlessly plan a ski weekend on my terms,” recalls Marcus. “We saw a niche neglected by big players who are focused on bulk bookings on bulk bookings and inflexible schedules, and by smaller operators whose personalised services can come with a hefty price tag and extended waiting periods. Then there is the DIY option, but this takes time, there is no holiday protection, you need to know where you want to travel and it isn’t always a cheaper option, as operators get preferential agency rates.”


Alexander adds, “Modern consumers demand rapid, diverse choices with dependable support. Witnessing Heidi’s UK triumph, we knew extending into Ireland was the next logical progression. The immediate influx of bookings upon our website going live, even pre-official launch, was a positive indicator of the market’s readiness.”

Heidi offers unique smart technology

Heidi is the only company which allows for such unique search capability, across so many resorts and is the reason this popular start-up has seen massive growth figures in its first five years**. Heidi’s unique concept now sits in the middle of what is currently offered - a fantastic option for those who want more flexibility than traditional package ski holidays, but the tech makes it easier to book than doing it all yourself. 

Commitment to customer care

Addressing accountability in case of cancelled flights, transfers and hotels? Marcus concludes: “All our travellers are financially protected under the TOPP Scheme and the buck stops with us when customers book. Booking through our site offers complete peace of mind, so changed/cancelled flights get rearranged through Heidi. We have also worked diligently to get the right transfer agents in place to meet our customers’ needs, so we know our travellers are looked after every step of the way. Whilst we rely on the powers of sophisticated technology to work through all the back end booking, we also create a human interface, all of which has led to us achieving 4.9 out of 5 on Trustpilot with nearly 1000 reviews. As a company we’re incredibly proud of this and will keep striving to facilitate the very best mountain breaks we can.”